Marketing Your Property


What do you think will be the fastest way to sell your house? As a seller you need to think about selling your property quickly because as we already mentioned the prior post, “Why is my house not selling”, “The longer a house is on the market, the lower the price for which sells”.

The best way to obtain results it is to have the asking supported by the right comparables combined with a good marketing strategy. It is the Real Estate agent’s duty to provide momentum and bring prospective buyers to the house. When all the conditions are present, the probability of selling your house faster will virtually increase.

Traditional advertising techniques such as Public & Broker open houses, newspapers & magazines advertisements, creation of brochures and flyers must be complemented with new methodologies like the use of professional photographer to take pictures for the listing, 3D Video Tours of the property or the creation of a short video. Real estate agents have to think out of the box to capture buyer’s imagination and help them visualize their lives in the house the agent is marketing.

To implement all of these strategies can be costly; for that reason, it is important to look for a realtor who can manage a marketing budget smartly in order to virtually ensure momentum, interest, and activity in a property.


Where is Real Estate heading?

Millennials, the next generation of Real Estate buyers will be severely affected by the actual economic situation. Interest rates are on the rise and will start to create challenges for new home buyers.ShanghaiTowerFromTop

According to J.Sparshott, “The average class of 2015 graduate with student-loan debt will have to pay back more than $35,000”. Carrying this debt is one reason why Millennials will face a hard situation when it comes to buying their own home. Low starting salaries and delayed marriages will also limit young buyers ability to get a mortgage.

Nowadays, it seems that most companies want you to sign long term commitments with the intention of creating “fixed customers”; however, this is causing people to feel “cornered” without an escape from these contracts (phone, gym memberships, cable, internet…).  Because of this, the long term commitment of a home mortgage makes many millennials choose renting as an alternative. Young people are more willing to move from one place to another, or just prefer to spend what could be a down payment of a house on other things like personal care, traveling, and more quality products.

According to (Mulholland, 2015), “Foreign money is pouring into U.S. Real Estate”. Demand in the U.S. is really high since interest rates have touched bottom. This has made investments for sale, rental or commercial to set volume records. According to the research done by Real Capital Analytics Inc., “Real estate deals surged $129 billion during the three months through March, marking the most active start to a year since 2007.” (Mulholland, 2015)

The clock is ticking, it is time to make smart decisions that will make you look good in the eyes of your family and the people you know. Picture yourself achieving your Real Estate goals and you will get there. But before being engaged in any kind of real estate deal, make sure to find a Realtor who can help you achieve your goals and gain control over your life.


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“A Phishing Real Estate Story”

It had been a great day, we closed another sale for one of our clients and everything looked great for the next few days. It was 7:30 at night. Enrique and I were about to have dinner at home, when suddenly a caller from Florida made the phone ring.

“Hello, this is Enrique Arnedo how can I help you?” answered Enrique while sitting at the table.

The caller responded “Hello, this is a Real Estate Agent from Florida, I would like to show your listed property at the following address today at 8:00 pm.”

“Sure, can I have your agent ID please?” asked Enrique.

“Sorry, I am a Real Estate agent from Florida that usually works with commercial properties. Today I have been showing 50-some houses to my client and we are right here close by your listing. Since it is vacant is there any way we can get a look at it today?”

At that moment, Enrique knew there was something suspicious with this call. He had been showing 21 properties to one client that same day, and he knew there was no way this person could have showed 50 properties to somebody else in a day. Secondly, the listing was occupied, so whoever called apparently was trying to find out if the house was vacant or not.

After all that was said, Enrique asked one more time for the caller’s license ID. He asked the “agent” to send it to him so he could check it in the system and send him the approval for the showing. After that, knowing that he was not going to receive any real identification number, Enrique immediately hung up the phone and called the seller to inform him about what just happened.

Enrique explained, “I just received a phishing call and whoever called could be nearby your house trying to find a way in, so please check if you can open the lockbox and get the key out…”

Nervous by the situation, the seller could not seem to be able open the lockbox and get the key out, or even confirm if the key was still inside the security device.

“Maybe somebody has been forcing it trying to get the key, hang on right there we are going right now” Enrique said.


Immediately after that, we put on our shoes got a circular saw in case we needed to cut the lock box and took off to the seller’s house. There was the possibility that the suspicious caller, could be waiting outside the house trying to figure out a way in to get all the valuable items inside.

Once Enrique and I got there, we tried to open the lockbox. After trying for a couple times, it finally opened, allowing us to get the key. At that point while talking to the seller, Enrique believed that the best thing we could do was to remove the lock box for a few days. That will avoid somebody forcing the security device and getting the key to get into the property.

The seller today feels lucky to have Enrique working with him. Without Enrique being able to detect the scam, he could have lost all of his valuable items in the house.

When selling a house, it is very important to be represented by a Realtor with experience who cares about you and protects you, and works in your best interest. This will ensure you have a secure and smooth Real Estate transaction.

Why is my house not selling?

One of the most common questions some clients ask their Realtors is “Why is my house not selling?”

The number one and most common reason why a property does not sell, is because of the price. Quick scenario: There are two gas stations across the street from each other in a high traffic area. One is selling gas 10 cents cheaper than the other. The gas station with the cheaper price is getting all the cars that pass by every day. Why does the more expensive gas station get less clients, if any? Because their gas is overpriced in comparison to the cheaper gas station.

The example of the two gas stations shows very clearly why it is very important to have your house well priced. You must back up the price of your home with the right comparables in order to sell your house faster and at the highest price.

The following diagram is called the Pricing Pyramid. It shows in a very visual way the amount of potential buyers who will show interest in your property in relation to the asking price.


This pyramid shows that a seller should avoid pricing their house too high, as it will decrease the amount of showings. Fewer showings reduces the probability of receiving offers, which means the property may sit on the market without much activity.

REMEMBER: The longer a house is in the market, the lower the price for which it will sell.

In summary, for sellers and buyers to be in a Win-Win situation, the property should be listed at a market price that is relative to comparable houses. For that reason, it is important for you to have a professional Realtor who can guide you every step of the way, helping you achieve your Real Estate needs.

Is there really a lack of inventory of houses for sale in the areas of Bath, Richfield, Fairlawn and Copley?

Real estate agents in the areas of Bath, Richfield, Fairlawn and Copley are noticing most new listings disappearing quickly from the market. This is creating the impression of a lack of inventory for sale in the above areas. However, according to the statistics of the market zones (see graph below) you can observe how in May 2015 there are many more listings and houses sold than in May 2014.


Sellers and buyers seem to be more confident when it comes to listing their current home, or buying a new home either for themselves or as an investment property.

With more homes listed and sold this year than in 2014, why do experts in the field still believe there are not enough properties for sale in the market?

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Welcome to Akron Real Estate Relocation

Why is Real Estate so hard into people’s lives sometimes?

Working with Enrique Arnedo an experienced Realtor in the field of relocation made me realize how confusing Real Estate transactions can be for people. That made me think how anyone involved in a Real Estate transaction should know what are the steps for achieving their needs, and any one relocating should know it better. For that reason I decided to write in this blog some of the most frequent questions people have when dealing with Real Estate when relocating internationally or just from another State.

From my experience working with Enrique, I can remark the way he commits to professionalism, integrity and focus in having open lines of communication and exercising his own experience by being relocated 11 times himself through executive relocation.

Enrique sets apart from other agents in this field because he is able to provide excellent level of service in five different languages – English – Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French – .  No matter the language, his clients can expect a level of service to exceed their expectations when purchasing or selling their homes.

He has helped employees from large companies such as Goodyear, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Philips Healthcare and Cleveland Clinic throughout their moving process working hand by hand with the biggest relocation companies such Cartus relocation, SIRVA Relocation, Choice Relocation, NuCompass, etc.

With his help I am looking forward to be helping all of those who need of somebody enlightening their way through their real estate experience.

Welcome to

Hector Gonzalez, Personal Realtor Assistant.